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Librarian - A Framework for Bundlers. Librarian-Chef is at:

Switch to popen3 on Windows (mswin and mingw).

Skip cygwin for now because that tries to emulate a Posix environment. If someone running on cygwin encounters a problem, we can add it to the bunch.

Should address #171.
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Jay Feldblum yfeldblum authored
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lib Switch to popen3 on Windows (mswin and mingw).
spec Avoid stubs.
.gitignore Extract the Chef adapter.
.rspec Get rid of the meta/requires spec. It's not actually all that useful.
.travis.yml Upgrade Travis config for Rubinius. Note recent changes in the change-log.
Gemfile Fix ruby-1.8.7 breakage.
LICENSE.txt Update to the new default way to mark licenses.
Rakefile add newline at the end of the Rakefile
VERSION Bump the version to 0.1.2.
librarian.gemspec Explicitly avoid multiline gem versions.

Librarian Build Status Code Climate

Librarian is a framework for writing bundlers, which are tools that resolve, fetch, install, and isolate a project's dependencies, in Ruby.

A bundler written with Librarian will expect you to provide a specfile listing your project's declared dependencies, including any version constraints and including the upstream sources for finding them. Librarian can resolve the spec, write a lockfile listing the full resolution, fetch the resolved dependencies, install them, and isolate them in your project.

A bundler written with Librarian will be similar in kind to Bundler, the bundler for Ruby gems that many modern Rails applications use.

How to Contribute

Running the tests

Ensure the gem dependencies are installed:

$ bundle

Run the tests with the default rake task:

$ [bundle exec] rake

or directly with the rspec command:

$ [bundle exec] rspec spec

Installing locally

Ensure the gem dependencies are installed:

$ bundle

Install from the repository:

$ [bundle exec] rake install

Reporting Issues

Please include a reproducible test case.


Written by Jay Feldblum.

Copyright (c) 2011-2013 ApplicationsOnline, LLC.

Released under the terms of the MIT License. For further information, please see the file LICENSE.txt.

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