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Decentralized Internet

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Decentralized Internet

Decentralized Internet

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The NPM library is a collection of the following repos made for the purpose of building decentralized web projects:

lotion | bitcoin-peg | clusterpost | gridbee-framework | Reinvent-the-Internet

Also special thanks to:
The Lonero Dev Team

  • May need some updates in Seed Migration for some of the org repos

Papers worth checking out:
Lonero Whitepaper (Original) | CrowdCoin Scientific Whitepaper

This NPM library/package is being mantained by the folks here

Installation Methods

Install via NPM: npm i decentralized-internet

Install via APM: apm install decentralized-internet

Install via YARN: yarn add decentralized-internet

Install via SNAP: sudo snap install decentralized-internet --edge

App to add GitHub metrics tracking to select repos here
See original compatibility status update here

Decentralized Internet is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.

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