Example apps that integrate with AppSignal.
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AppSignal examples

This repository contains a collection of example applications and integrations that work with AppSignal. This list of applications is not the complete list of frameworks and libraries integrates with, please see our documentation website for the complete list.

If you need more help, please contact us at support@appsignal.com.

Table of Contents

Ruby example apps

Each example lives in its own branch.

Elixir example apps

Currently the Elixir apps are not added to this repository, we have plans to do so at a later time. For now you can refer to these repositories for Elixir example apps:

Each repository may have multiple branches with different scenarios and configuration.


  1. Create an application on [AppSignal.com][appsignal-website].
  2. Follow the installation procedure and get a "push API key".
  3. Set the push API key in your terminal session, or prefix per example app.
# or
APPSIGNAL_PUSH_API_KEY=YOUR-KEY bundle exec some command


  1. Checkout the branch you need as listed in Examples.
  2. Read the README for that example application.

Minimal setup per app

These example applications contain the least required amount of code as possible to focus on the AppSignal integration. Use the code in the example to modify your own application.


If you want to contribute an application to our examples repository (thank you!), please follow these steps:

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Create a new branch with the application name.
    git checkout --orphan branch-name
    Use + to combine gems and - to indicate variations on other examples.
  3. Add an example application.
  4. Document the example application's along with its usage in the README.
  5. Commit it with Add [test app name] example.
  6. Install AppSignal in the application.
  7. Commit it with Install AppSignal.
  8. Send in an issue.
    Since PRs can only be merged in another branch, please send in issues pointing to your fork and we will include them manually.

Also see our Contributing guide for more information.