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Santander Product Recommendation Kaggle Competition Solution (R)

This is the source code for our solution to the Santander Product Recommendation Competition on Kaggle

A full writeup of the solution is available here

Instructions to run and submit

  1. Get the data here
  2. Download the code from this repository into a folder called project in the same directory where the training/testing files are. For example, you can do this by navigating to the directory with the dataset files and calling git clone project
  3. Choose either project/Santander/lib/master-singleclass.R or project/Santander/lib/master-multiclass.R depending on which model type you want to use (the former is slightly better)
  4. Edit the first line of the script to point to the directory where you save the dataset like so: setwd("/my/data/is/here")
  5. Run the script
  6. Submit the output