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JavaScript Bundle for Aptana Studio 3. Contributions welcome!
Ruby JavaScript
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commands Externalize UI strings found in menus
config/locales Externalize UI strings found in menus
lib Changed encoding from macRoman to UTF-8
templates Revert "Revert "Fix APSTUD-2134:Add .location property to file templa…
tests Add unit test and fix for formatting code (so we don't end up with ex…
.project Corrected capitalization of TextMate, other minor fixes.
bundle.rb Externalize UI strings found in menus
cache.yml Merge branch 'release'

JS bundle for Aptana Studio

A bundle to enable related commands in Aptana Studio. Ported from a TextMate bundle.


  • TextMate Contributors
  • Modifications by Aptana


This bundle is licensed under the TextMate license, available here:


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