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The Binder (common) application of the Generic Intranet
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Intranet Binder Application

This is the application that "binds" the Intranet together. Other Intranet modules may only depend on this application. It contains the main menu, a default theme, and adds a global variable for use in templates.


Check out or unpack the source code into a directory called binder inside your Django project. So you should have binder/, etc.

Import the Binder URLs from binder/ into your project-wide, or copy and change them:

import binder.urls
urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'', include(binder.urls)),

Edit your and add binder to INSTALLED_APPS.

Edit your and add the following lines, or if you already have a TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS setting, add binder.context.intranet_global to it. This adds the global object to your templates.

    list(global_settings.TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS) + \

If you want to switch your user class from User to IntranetUser, add the following line to

AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = ('binder.auth.IntranetUserBackend',)
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