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What is this?

Videoplaza is a provider of ads for video.

This repository contains a library written to make writing a working integration with Videoplaza substantially easier. It will take care of all forms of tracking, displaying prerolls, midrolls and postrolls, as well as companion banners in a flexible and standards compliant way.

Do you have an example?

Yes, just open demo/index.html.

How do I use it?

To use the library, include it in your page after the Videoplaza HTML5 SDK, and create a new VideoplazaAds object with the vpHost given to you by Videoplaza. You may also add a truthy second parameter to enable debug mode, in which various debug messages will be printed with console.log.

When a video ad is to be displayed, we store the state of the original player, and then change the video source to play back ads instead. When all ads are done playing, we restore the original state and resume playback.

When displaying a companion banner, a companion handler function will be called (the function can be set with setCompanionHandler). The function will receive the HTML for the banner, its zone ID and its dimensions. It is entirely up to this function how it wishes to display the banner, but it must return true to indicate that it has indeed shown the banner.

Midrolls can be set using the setMidrolls([]) method, which takes a list of timecodes (in seconds) at which midrolls should be displayed. These are absolute, not relative to the start of the video (i.e. startTime is taken into account).

Also, remember to call setContentMeta before each new video is to be displayed to set the correct data to send to the Videoplaza backend.

All of this should be very apparent by looking at demo/index.html

A note on events

In order to show pre- and postrolls, the plugin needs to listen to play and ended events. During playback of ads, the ads will cause the same events to be triggered. In order to let you know whether an event was triggered from the original video or an ad, you need to register takeover callbacks: vp.setTakeoverCallbacks(onTakeover, onRelease);. If provided, these callbacks while be triggered whenever the plugin takes over control of the player. Have a look at the demo implementation to see how this can work.

These takeover callbacks will receive the watched player as the only argument.

You need to make sure that any events you register don't interfere with the this plugin. If you encounter issues or have a suggestion for improving this flow, please let us know. Currently, we listen to the following events, which you need to make sure that you don't capture and stop:

  • play
  • click
  • touchstart (on iPad)
  • canplay
  • timeupdate
  • ended


The code presented here is not officially supported by Videoplaza, nor by Aptoma AS. That said, it should be working well and should be safe to use.

We will tag releases, but do not as of now guarantee any form of backwards compatibility, not even for minor releases.

Any issues should be submitted at the Github issues page.


Any patches should include tests. We use Buster.js for testing. To start a server and watch files, simply run guard from the project root. Tests should be run on at least Chrome and Firefox, and preferably any modern browser, including recent versions of iOS and Android.

As we deal with video playback, you also need to manually verify that stuff works.