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Simple bookmarking service, using a SQLite database to store bookmarks, supporting tags and automatic title fetching.


From PyPI

Assuming you already are inside a virtualenv:

pip install digimarks

From Git

Create a new virtualenv (if you are not already in one) and install the necessary packages:

git clone
cd digimarks
mkvirtualenv digimarks # or whatever project you are working on
pip install -r requirements.txt

Usage / example configuration

Copy from example_config to the parent directory and configure to your needs (at the least change the value of SYSTEMKEY).

Do not forget to fill in the MASHAPE_API_KEY value, which you [can request on the RapidAPI website](

Run digimarks as a service under nginx or apache and call the appropriate url's when wanted.

Url's are of the form<userkey>/<action>


To easily save a link from your browser, open its bookmark manager and create a new bookmark with as url:


Creating a new user

After having set up the `` as under Usage, you can add a new user, by going to this path on your digimarks server:


where secretkey is the value set in settings.SYSTEMKEY

digimarks will then redirect to the bookmarks overview page of the new user. Please remember the user key (the hash in the url), as it will not be visible otherwise in the interface.

If you for whatever reason would lose this user key, just either look on the console (or webserver logs) where the list of available user keys is printed on digimarks startup, or open bookmarks.db with a SQLite editor.

Server configuration

What's new?

See the Changelog.


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