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A Discord moderator bot, designed to be used with the Stardew Valley server

Written by aquova, et. al, 2018-2024


This bot was originally written to assist with moderation on the SDV Discord server, but it can be used on any server that requires more advanced moderation logging.

My personal hosting of the bot will be private, but users are free to host a version of the bot themselves. Over time, the bot has become more and more specific to the SDV server, so this repo is here more as an example rather than a resource to be directly used by others.


The bot has several moderation features:

  • Logging of user warnings
    • Moderators can log user warnings alongside an explanitory message.
    • Warnings are saved both in a Discord channel specified in config.yaml, as well as saved to a local database.
    • In addition to warnings; bans, kicks, spammers, and unbannings can all be noted.
  • Storing moderation notes
    • Notes about users are stored privately, for moderators to review later
  • User searching
    • The database can be searched by specifying a server member. The bot will then post any noted infractions, as well as their timestamp and stored message
  • Removal
    • Everybody makes mistakes. Individual user logs can be specified and deleted.
  • DM forwarding
    • Private messages sent to the bot will be automatically forwarded to the channel specified in config.yaml.
    • Each member will have their messages sent to a unique thread, making it easier to follow.
    • Moderators can also DM a user via the bot, allowing for collaborative viewing of direct messages.
    • DMs from unruly users can be blocked and unblocked as desired.
  • Answering Machine
    • A list of unreplied users users can be viewed, to avoid accidentally overlooking a message.
    • The list is automatically pruned after the message gets too old, or if they are replied to.
  • User DMing
    • Upon being banned or warned, there is the option to DM a user with their log and helpful information. This can be disabled in the config.yaml file.
  • Statistics visualization
    • Statistics about moderator activity can be generated, namely how many warns/bans occurred each month, and how many total warns/bans have been created by each moderator.
  • System logs
    • The bot will also monitor all channels, threads, and post server-wide changes in users.
    • These include nickname changes, joining, leaving, kicked, banned, joining/leaving VC, and logging of all deleted and modified messages.
  • Watchlist
    • Possibly problematic users can be added to a 'watchlist', where all their messages are posted for easy viewing.
    • Makes it easy to quickly see if a possibly troll is continuing to post, rather than relying on Discord search.

All interactions with the bot are available as slash commands, allowing any administrator the ability to limit any command to specific roles or channels.


A Discord moderation bot to keep track of the bad eggs








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