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Serverless 0.5.x plugin to delete old AWS Lambda versions
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This Serverless 0.5.x plugin deletes old AWS Lambda versions.


The plugin lets you delete old AWS Lambda versions from your account.

serverless-autoprune-plugin is heavily inspired by Nopik's serverless-lambda-prune-plugin but adds some much needed functionality such as limiting pruning to a specific region, project and function. It is fully compatible with Serverless 0.5.5 and higher.


  1. Install the plugin module.

    npm install serverless-autoprune-plugin --save will install the latest version of the plugin.

    If you want to debug, you also can reference the source repository at a specific version or branch with npm install<tag or branch name>

  2. Activate the plugin in your Serverless project.

    Add serverless-autoprune-plugin to the plugins array in your s-project.json.

      "name": "my-project",
      "custom": {},
      "plugins": [


Function Deploy

This plugin hooks into the Serverless function deploy command action and extends it with two additional options:

  • -p|--prune: Delete previous Lambda versions after deployment.
  • -n|--number <number>: keep last N versions (defaults to 3).

A simple example to deploy and prune all functions in your project:

serverless function deploy --all --prune

Function Prune

If you only want to delete old versions without deploying a new one, use the new prune command action:

serverless function prune [OPTION]... [FUNCTION]...

You can specify one or multiple function names to prune, omit any function names to prune the functions in the current directory tree, or specify the -a or --all option to prune all functions of the project.

Available options are:

  • -s|--stage <stage>: prune only a specific stage (only applicable if your Lambda functions use different names per stage)
  • -r|--region <region>: prune only a specific region (defaults to all regions).
  • -n|--number <number>: keep last N versions (defaults to 3).
  • -a|--all: prune all functions of the current project.



  • You can run the plugin without specifying a target region now. It will automatically prune your Lambda functions in all deployed regions.


  • Finally the plugin deserves it's name: Auto-Pruning! Passing --prune to your serverless function deploy will automatically delete previous Lambda versions.
  • Handle AWS Rate Limit responses using a temporary fix until Serverless 0.5.6 is released


  • Support pruning only a specific stage (in case Lambda function names differ per stage)
  • Use Serverless credentials depending on stage and region specified.


  • Added aws-sdk as dependency in case it's not installed globally


  • Small bugfix


  • Initial release

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