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DAO Kits

What's a DAO Kit

The best way to kickstart an Aragon DAO is by using a Kit, or template. A kit is a set of smart contracts that will create a DAO from scratch and configure it according to some provided parameters.

Because they involve smart contract code, modifying a kit, even though really easy, must be done with extreme care. It is always recommended to do a third party security audit to the kit code if modified.

Aragon certified Kits

Aragon creates and certifies some of the kits in this repo. This comes without any guarantees, a kit we consider secure today may be vulnerable to an unknown security hole discovered down the road.

All mainnet-ready kits will have a file in which we do an assessment of the potential risks of that template and our recommendation for deployment.

At the moment we don't recommend to deploy any kits to the mainnet for managing real funds.