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Monorepo for all Aragon made organization templates
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ajsantander and sohkai Minor fixes and docs (#134)
* Added test for checking the SetupDao event in the Bare template
* Added a README file for the shared package
* Added permissions table for Payroll app
* Added descriptions for each of the templates in the README files
* Separated Agent and Vault permisions in READMEs
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DAO Templates Build Status

What is a template

The best way to kickstart an Aragon organization is by using a template. Templates are a set of smart contracts that will create an organization from scratch and configure it according to some provided parameters.

Because they involve smart contract code, modifying a template, even though it's usually really easy, must be done with extreme care. It is always recommended to do a third party security audit to review the template code when modified.

Mainnet-ready templates

Aragon creates and have put most of the templates in this repo through an external audit. Despite this, they come without any guarantees; a template we consider secure today may be vulnerable to an unknown security hole discovered down the road. Moreover, once a user has created their organization, they may grant or transfer permissions in a way that makes their organization insecure.

You can find more information about template deployments and their addresses in the deployments repo.

Aragon 0.8

With Aragon 0.8, the client has switched to the following templates:

These templates were audited as part of the 0.8 release.

Aragon 0.7

With Aragon 0.6 and 0.7, the following templates were used by the client to create organizations for users:

These templates were audited as part of the 0.6 and 0.7 releases by WHG and Consensys Diligence.

Build your own template!

@aragon/templates-shared is published on npm and contains contract, deployment, and testing utilities to help you build your own template. All of the templates in this monorepo use templates-shared internally.

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