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Aragon Open Data - Jacathon

DEVTA Developers

This is our first hackathon or jacathon :) and we are very excited that we are here. We have tried give a touch to modernize the connection between DBPedia, AragoDBPedia and other Open Data portals.

We have achieved use to the knowledge learn in each sessions.

  • DBPedia : SPARQL Endpoint and queries
  • AragoDBPedia : API Rest
  • AragoPedia : CKAN and Resources catalog
  • d3 : Tree collapsable and charts
  • Scraping : Requests (Python) for get parameters of DBPedia-es
  • Fusion Tables : Maps and Cloropeth data
  • Google Maps v3 : JavaScript library for maps visualization

Our proposal begins with the representation of all resources from catalog of Aragón: "Comunidad Autónoma", "Provincia", "Comarca" and "Municipios", so the final user can view class inheritance, data of geo-spatial resources or browse other links to check, add or learn more information about resource.

Data is the most important part of the dashboard and its development, data cleaning and relationship has been longer than previously thought. Tools like APIs and Fusion Tables in csv format have allowed the work can be done successfully.

Also, this dashboard allows to represent data associated with one or more URIs that the user can view. This representation is supported for d3.js library.



In short, it has been a very satisfying experience for both team members and we hope you like it.

Thanks for all. DEVTA.


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