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This is a collection of assignments for Printing Code, a class taught by Rune Madsen at NYU ITP during Fall 2012.

Print 00

These are just the processing templates I've been using to start my designs, in case someone wants to try them.

Print 01: Hello World

First Assignment: Bring to class a design of an ice cream cone, in black and white and using only triangle, rect and ellipse. Yes, an ice cream cone.

Stylish ice-cream or olympic torch?

Ice Cream

Print 02: Form

To be uploaded

Print 03: Color

Assignment: create an abstract representation of your identity. This is an exercise in writing code that is generative, but within constraints.

Abstract color

Print 04: Typography

Assignment: Pick a word and make a typeface around it. The important thing is that you draw the letters using some kind of rule-based logic.

Concentric: an algorithmic typeface made out of 3 concentric circles with variable weight and spacing. There's also a video here.

Abstract color

Print 05: Grids

Assignment: Create your own grid system and use it in a Processing sketch that outputs a poster with elements placed via a grid system.

I designed a generative book cover for The Lord of the Flies. A different print for every reader.

The Lord of the Flies

Print 06: Logo

Assignment: Write a sketch that outputs a logo for a specific entity, that being a person, group, company, etc. The logo needs to be organic, which means that it has some sort of dynamic expressions.

I started designing a generative logo for Miami Heat, which would become the basis for my final project.


Print 07: Vectors and Randomization

Assignment: Pick one of the famous Olivetti posters by Giovanni Pintori and write a sketch that directly copies or is inspired by the design of the poster. You must demonstrate the use of weighted randomness and vectors.

My design: classic videogame consoles paying homage to Olivetti typewriters and Pintori.

Consoles Pintori

Print 08: Repetition

Assignment: Write a Processing sketch that generates a pattern for the company Makerbot, which should be designed to be used for their christmas gift wrapping paper.

I tried to create a recursive pattern with very few lines of code, that would allow for significant changes by only tweaking a couple parameters. Not sure how it fits Makerbot though...

Recursive pattern

Print 09: Final project

To be uploaded