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@pluma4345 pluma4345 released this 10 Jul 22:11
· 10 commits to main since this release


  • Fetching additional cursor results now uses POST instead of PUT (DE-605)

    The POST route was deprecated and the PUT route is supported in all
    actively maintained versions of ArangoDB.

  • User management methods now use database-relative URLs (DE-606)

    Previously these methods would make requests without a database prefix,
    implicitly using the _system database.

  • aql template strings now take a generic type argument

    This allows explictly setting the item type of the ArrayCursor returned by
    db.query when using aql template strings. Note that like when setting
    the type on db.query directly, arangojs can make no guarantees that the
    type matches the actual data returned by the query.

    const numbers = await db.query(aql<{ index: number; squared: number }>`
      FOR i IN 1..1000
      RETURN {
        index: i,
        squared: i * i
    const first = await; // { index: number; squared: number; }
    console.log(first.index, first.squared); // 1 1


  • Fixed listUsers behavior (#782)

  • Fixed graph.create not correctly handling isDisjoint option


  • Added missing attributes to QueryInfo and MultiExplainResult.stats types (DE-607)

  • Added cluster rebalancing methods to Database (DE-583)

  • Added db.withTransaction helper method for streaming transactions (#786)

    This method allows using streaming transactions without having to manually
    begin and commit or abort the transaction.

    const vertices = db.collection("vertices");
    const edges = db.collection("edges");
    const info = await db.withTransaction([vertices, edges], async (step) => {
      const start = await step(() => vertices.document("a"));
      const end = await step(() => vertices.document("b"));
      return await step(() =>{ _from: start._id, _to: end._id }));