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neo #14

arasatasaygin opened this issue Jun 18, 2018 · 21 comments

neo #14

arasatasaygin opened this issue Jun 18, 2018 · 21 comments


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To claim this logo

  • Introduce your active open source project.
  • Community can upvote your comment and you can upvote other projects as well.
  • Starting from 1st of July, I will give one logo per day until the end of month according to these upvotes.
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kitze commented Jun 19, 2018

This looks like a nice icon for JSUI!

It's a powerful UI toolkit for managing JavaScript apps.

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Hi @arasatasaygin I really like your work. I've been looking for a nice logo creation for my app Any chance I can claim this logo? 🙏


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deedubs commented Jun 19, 2018

I'm building a secure by default Kubernetes distribution called MassiveKube. Its a high security, resilient, batteries included Kubernetes deployment. This logo would work perfectly.

Thanks for your consideration 😄

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sal2993 commented Jun 19, 2018

Me and a friend are building an archives of top HackerNews posts incase you need to see an old top post and its score/duration-as-top-post.
Github page:
Would love to have this logo! site:
screenshot 2018-06-19 08 42 52

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karpatic commented Jun 19, 2018


GitHub :
Example(s) : &

Premise : Allow civic leaders to develop real-time distributed GIS data exploration, analysis, and visualization PWA's without a programmer.

Why we would like this Logo : As I understand it, this Cube represents a City. The Logo's Gestalt groupings/ colors represent the disparate data-sets coming together to form this image of the City. If you check the github page you'll see we have a placeholder in our README for where the logo should be :) (this is a non-profit)

Thank you for this opportunity. I really do have so much respect for what you are doing!

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raulk commented Jun 19, 2018

I'd love to associate this logo with ethql – a GraphQL interface to Ethereum! (under very active development)

Check it out:

Thanks for your work.

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OKNoah commented Jun 19, 2018

My project is currently called Final; it's maybe best described as "React for the web server". If supports HTTP and WebSockets but handles it all with a "Component" with React-like lifecycle events. All data modelling is done similar to using "PropTypes" but with Flow instead. So it's kind of a Modal/Controller in one, where you can add functionality via decorators. Currently it supports an ArangoDB plugin/decorator and a Redux add-on. In the project I show examples of using it as game server and other things.

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Hello there, I am a high schooler. I have been implementing a programming language since last 6-7 months. This logo would be perfect for my PL.

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OKNoah commented Jun 20, 2018

@mirimmad Awesome to hear someone like yourself is making a programming language! But this is for open source projects, and unless your project has source code that includes an open source license, it doesn't qualify-- but simply upload your code and include an open source license and you're eligible! Plus how an I vote for you if I can't see the project? Looking forward to it, and good luck.

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mirimmad commented Jun 20, 2018

@OKNoah Noah! The project will be open sourced within 1.5 months.

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Hey! This would be a nice logo for altair!

It is a graphQL client/IDE. Slowly gaining traction too. This would be a nice start of a makeover. 😊
Altair GraphQL Client

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@manekinekko it says in the readme of openlogos that these logos are meant for open source projects, but I can't seem to find the repo for xLayers anywhere. Am I missing something here?

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OKNoah commented Jun 21, 2018

@mirimmad That's outside the timeframe of this process. But, I'm not the police of it! However, I just wanted to share that releasing your early code soon is not a bad idea. You might decide to change the license later. That way, you have open source code that's version e.g. 0.9.19 and then premium-priced code that's 1.0.0+. Instead of waiting for a perfect app, get the alpha/beta out there as open source, then think about monetization. Many projects start with just a license and a README.

I'm sorry to blabber on, but I was going to link to an article I can't find. It was something like this from Wikipedia or this blog post (probably the latter).

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sirkadirov commented Jun 21, 2018

Hi! My name is Yurij Kadirov and I'm developing programming contests management system with additional functionality called "SimplePM".

SimplePM is useful for schools and universities, where students learn programming. Also, you can use system on programming contests like ACM ICPC and IOI.

At this moment, project is being used by 2 schools in Ukraine, what is good for 2-year project.


Thank you for your OpenLogos project!

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v9n commented Jun 24, 2018


My name is Vinh. I build this

The project is 100% open source so one can self-hosted themselves:

It's an uptime monitoring tools but I want to add more feature on different kind of monitoring given I have the notification layer and the scanner build out.

Thank you.

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Hello everyone,

We are creating a fully open-source decentralised wallet for cryptocurrencies that will also host a peer-to-peer exchange in the future.

We believe the logo is ideal for the project due to its similarity with a block.

You can find the live version of the wallet (Without any form of tracking, not even a Google tag) on

Alternatively, feel free to visit our repository at

Good luck to all!

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onokumus commented Jul 3, 2018

Merhaba @arasatasaygin

Bu logo projesine çok yakışır diye düşünüyorum.


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@OKNoah the project is open source now.

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OKNoah commented Jul 25, 2018

@mirimmad Cool! I am not much of an expert, but looks neat.

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As has been stated before, this is such a great idea, a really good way for small FOSS projects to get a sweet logo!

I'd like to put forward BuildGrid for this logo. BuildGrid is a remote execution server, written in Python, that implements Google's Remote Execution and Remote Workers APIs. It's designed to work with build tool clients such as BuildStream and Bazel.

I really think this would suit the style of the project, since it seems to represent a 'grid' of inter-connected events - the very nature of distributed builds !

Thanks for putting the time in to create such nice logos :)


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Owner Author

Congrats @deedubs
Can you please get in touch with me from I'll share all resource files, fonts, and sticker mule voucher.

Thanks again for claiming and supporting everyone. Fun fact: I was considering to not include this one to the batch, but it got great reactions from you people, so thanks :)

~ Aras

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