Allow configuration via Appirater.plist, support landscape mode. #69

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jlopez commented Sep 25, 2012

Hi, I added these changes to avoid having to change the code to tailor to a specific usage. Instead, all the configuration options may be specified in an Appirater.plist file (sample included). The plist may be omitted, in which case sensible defaults apply (just as before). Lastly, the AppID may be specified in the Info.plist.

Also added a small change to support landscape orientation (before, the dialog was trimmed if shown in landscape).

Lastly, made debug default to NO. Debug may still be turned on by using an Appirater.plist file.

jlopez added some commits Aug 24, 2012

Add plist configuration
Allow Appirater to be configured via optional Appirater.plist file.
If omitted, it defaults to the old defaults defined in Appirater.h,
except for the iTunes App ID, which defaults to the Info.plist
`iTunesAppID` string entry (if omitted it will be 0)
Add landscape support
Show only two buttons in rate request dialog: 'Rate' and one of
'Reminde me' and 'No'. Use LandscapeHideCancelCount in Appirater.plist
to define how many times to show the 'Remind me' button before
showing the 'No' button.
Make DEBUG default to NO
May be turned on via Appirater.plist
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