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Arbory is a flexible Laravel based CMS for custom multilingual web development
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Create new Laravel project

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel my-project "5.6.*"

Go to project root

cd my-project

Require Arbory package

composer require arbory/arbory "0.2.*"

Fill in database info

vi .env

Run installer and follow instructions

php artisan arbory:install


Registering new pages

Page::register( App\Pages\TextPage::class )
    ->fields( function( FieldSet $fieldSet )
        $fieldSet->add( new Arbory\Base\Admin\Form\Fields\Richtext( 'text' ) );
    } )
    ->routes( function()
        Route::get( '/', App\Http\Controllers\TextPageController::class . '@index' )->name( 'index' );
    } );

Registering new admin modules

Admin::modules()->register(  App\Http\Controllers\Admin\TextController::class );

Working with nodes

The node repository is used to ensure that the website only displays active nodes to the user

$currentNode = app( Arbory\Base\Nodes\Node::class );
$nodes = app( Arbory\Base\Repositories\NodesRepository::class ); 

// returns only the active children of the current node
$nodes->findUnder( $currentNode );


Validation rules can be attached to any field, like so

$form->addField( new Text( 'title' ) )->setRules( 'required' );

Validating translations

$form->addField( new Translatable( ( new Text( 'title' ) )->rules( 'required' ) ) );

Custom validators

  • arbory_require_one_localized - at least one translation exists for this field
  • arbory_file_required - file has been uploaded or is being passed in request


Object Relation

Create a relation to another model

new Arbory\Base\Admin\Form\Fields\ObjectRelation( 'field_name', Arbory\Base\Nodes\Node::class );

To limit the amount of relations the user can select a third argument can be passed. Relation fields limited to a single model will be rendered more compactly.

new ObjectRelation( 'field_name', Arbory\Base\Nodes\Node::class, 1 ); // single relation, compact view 
new ObjectRelation( 'field_name', Arbory\Base\Nodes\Node::class, 10 ); 

An optional depth parameter can be passed (automatically set for the node relation) which adds visual nesting to the field items

( new ObjectRelation( 'field_name', Arbory\Base\Nodes\Node::class ) )->setIndentAttribute( 'depth' );

Items can be grouped by an attribute

$getName = function( \Arbory\Base\Nodes\Node $model ) 
    return class_basename( $model->content_type );

( new ObjectRelation( 'field_name', Arbory\Base\Nodes\Node::class ) )->groupBy( 'content_type', $getName );


Register a setting (with optional nesting) and retrieve it

return [
    'my_letter' => [
        'to' => 'a friend',
        'subject' => 'Hello!'
Settings::has(''); // true
Settings::get(''); // "a friend"

Defining a field type

return [
    'my_setting_key' => [
        'value' => 'My setting value',
        'type' => Arbory\Base\Admin\Form\Fields\CompactRichtext::class

File settings

return [
    'my_setting_file' => [
        'value' => null,
        'type' => Arbory\Base\Admin\Form\Fields\ArboryFile::class
    'my_setting_image' => [
        'value' => null,
        'type' => Arbory\Base\Admin\Form\Fields\ArboryImage::class

Translatable settings

return [
    'hello' => [
        'type' => Arbory\Base\Admin\Form\Fields\Translatable::class,
        'value' => [
            'type' => Arbory\Base\Admin\Form\Fields\CompactRichtext::class,
            'value' => [
                'en' => 'Hello',
                'lv' => 'Sveiks'


Quick generator

php artisan arbory:generate {type?} {--T|table=}

Generators available for

  • Model
  • Page
  • Controller
  • View
  • AdminController - appends a new route to routes/admin.php

Verbose Generator

php artisan arbory:generator

Coding style


We use airbnb coding style for both JS and SASS (links below).

To install the built-in inspections for PHPStorm, follow these instructions:


When specifying JSCS package in the configuration window, it has to be installed locally (within the project). Global installation will not work (PHPStorm installs packages globally).


Rules can be modified either in separate files (.jscsrc or .jscs.json in project's root directory) or project's package.json file (jscsConfig section).



(Roadmap in progress)

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