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Metalsmith Favicons

A Metalsmith plugin that will generate all your favicons (using favicons) from a suitable source image.


npm install metalsmith-favicons --save


metalsmith-favicons takes options similar to favicons, with some small additions and changes. Below is a list of properties and their defaults.

  src: '**/favicon.png',          // A pattern defining your source image used to generate favicons.
  dest: false,                    // The destination directory, same as src dir if not set.
  appName: null,                  // Your application's name. `string`
  appDescription: null,           // Your application's description. `string`
  developerName: null,            // Your (or your developer's) name. `string`
  developerURL: null,             // Your (or your developer's) URL. `string`
  background: "#fff",             // Background colour for flattened icons. `string`
  url: "/",                       // Absolute URL for OpenGraph image. `string`
  display: "standalone",          // Android display: "browser" or "standalone". `string`
  orientation: "portrait",        // Android orientation: "portrait" or "landscape". `string`
  version: "1.0",                 // Your application's version number. `number`
  logging: false,                 // Print logs to console? `boolean`
  online: false,                  // Use RealFaviconGenerator to create favicons? `boolean`
  icons: {
    android: false,              // Create Android homescreen icon. `boolean`
    appleIcon: false,            // Create Apple touch icons. `boolean`
    appleStartup: false,         // Create Apple startup images. `boolean`
    coast: false,                // Create Opera Coast icon. `boolean`
    favicons: true,              // Create regular favicons. `boolean`
    firefox: false,              // Create Firefox OS icons. `boolean`
    opengraph: false,            // Create Facebook OpenGraph image. `boolean`
    twitter: false,              // Create Twitter Summary Card image. `boolean`
    windows: false,              // Create Windows 8 tile icons. `boolean`
    yandex: false                // Create Yandex browser icon. `boolean`


metalsmith.json config example:

  "plugins": {
    "metalsmith-favicons": {
      src: '**/logo.png',
      dest: 'favicons/',
      icons: {
        android: true, 
        appleIcon: true, 
        favicons: true

Build script example:

var metalsmith = require('metalsmith');
var markdown = require('metalsmith-markdown');
var favicons = require('metalsmith-favicons');

    src: '**/logo.png',
    dest: 'favicons/',
    icons: {
      android: true, 
      appleIcon: true, 
      favicons: true
    gfm: true,
    tables: true
  .build(function (err) {
    if (err) {
      throw err;

metalsmith-favicons will add a favicons property to metalsmith.metadata() with one property html, which is an array of the meta and link tags for use in your templates. Loop over this html array to add the needed tags in your html head so your new favicons show up on your site.

An example in Jade:

    if favicons && favicons.html
      each item in favicons.html
        != item


You need Node 4.x or above, see favicons for more info.


A Metalsmith favicons generator.



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