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Erlang IRC client/server framework
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ErlIRC - An Internet Relay Chat framework for Erlang

ErlIRC is a framework for writing IRC clients, servers, proxies and bots in Erlang.

Building ErlIRC

  • Download and install Rebar3.
  • rebar3 compile

Example Use

IRC Server

Run erl -name server -env ERL_LIBS _build/default/lib (or rebar3 shell) and run the following commands in the erlang shell:

(server@bete.ran)1> irc_app:start().
<SASL reports snipped>
(server@bete.ran)2> {ok, Server} = irc_sup:start_server("localnet","localhost").
<SASL reports snipped>
(server@bete.ran)3> irc_server:listen(Server, 16667).

Then from another bash console, telnet to the new server and send it IRC commands:

$ telnet localhost 16667
NICK test
USER test test localhost :Test User
JOIN :#test

IRC Client

Run erl -name client -env ERL_LIBS _build/default/lib and run the following commands in the erlang shell:

(client@bete.ran)1> {ok, C} = irc_client_fsm:start_link("erlirc","localhost", 16667).
=INFO REPORT==== 7-Nov-2008::17:54:26 ===
(<0.61.0> irc_client_fsm:149) :localhost 001 erlirc :Welcome to the Internet Relay Network erlirc!erlirc@
=INFO REPORT==== 7-Nov-2008::17:54:26 ===
(<0.61.0> irc_client_fsm:157) :localhost 002 erlirc :Your host is localhost, running version erlirc-0.1
=INFO REPORT==== 7-Nov-2008::17:54:26 ===
(<0.61.0> irc_client_fsm:157) :localhost 003 erlirc :This server was created 2008-11-07T16:54:26+00
=INFO REPORT==== 7-Nov-2008::17:54:26 ===
(<0.61.0> irc_client_fsm:157) :localhost 004 erlirc localhost erlirc-0.1 aios biklImnoPstv
=INFO REPORT==== 7-Nov-2008::17:54:26 ===
(<0.61.0> irc_client_fsm:153) :localhost 422 erlirc :NOMOTD

Note that the erlirc server and client don't quite agree enough at the moment to successfully join channels.

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