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The Linked Data Theatre is a platform for an optimal presentation of Linked Data
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Linked Data Theatre

The Linked Data Theatre (LDT) is a platform for an optimal presentation of Linked Data

Installation and usage

The easiest way to use the LDT is to install the latest release in a Tomcat container, by following the instructions in

NB: Users that upgrade from version 1.17.0 or lower: from version 1.18.0 the LDT can work with any triplestore via the RDF4J interface. You might need to change your configuration a bit. Please look at, sections 4.3 and 4.4.2 for further instructions.

NB: Users that upgrade from version 1.9.0 or lower: the config.xml has changed with release 1.10.0. Please make sure that a <date/> entry exists after the upgrade!

The Linked Data Theatre uses a configuration graph containing all the triples that make up the LDT configuration. Instructions and examples how to create such a configuration can be found at the wiki. A basic-configuration is provided to get you started.

The wiki contains a tutorial to guide you through the most common features of the Theatre.

Build it yourself, linux and docker installations

See for instructions to build the Linked Data Theatre yourself. To deploy the Linked Data Theatre in a Tomcat container, follow the instructions in A step-by-step installation guide for Linux is also available: You can also opt for a docker installation, see

Advanced installation - production settings

  • The default setting of the LDT is for development purposes. Read for information about securing the LDT for a production environment.

  • To create linked data, the LDT can be extended with the Linked Data Studio (LDS). If you install a version of the LDS, it includes a version of the LDT.

  • If you want to create a new release of the LDT, please look into for instructions to create the approriate license headers. See for all steps to make a release, including upload to github.

  • To add security to the Linked Data Theatre, follow the instructions in

  • If you run the Linked Data Theatre behind a corporate firewall and access to the internet is restricted by a proxy, follow the instructions in

  • If you want to access a secure endpoint (https), but the certificate is untrusted, you will have to set up a keystore. Follow the instructions in

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