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@arcticicestudio arcticicestudio released this May 25, 2019 · 7 commits to develop since this release

Changelog for Nord Vim — An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant Vim color theme.

Release Date: 2019-05-25 Project Board Milestone


Nord Docs Transition#158, #144#160 (⊶ 7be2614)
↠ Transferred all documentations, assets and from „Nord Vim“ to Nord Docs
Please see the [corresponding issue in the Nord Docs repository][nord-docs#143] to get an overview of what has changed for Nord Vim and what has been done to migrate to Nord Docs.

Landing Page

Preview: Nord Vim Port Project Landing Page

Landing Page Docs

Preview: Nord Vim Docs Project Landing Page

Installation & Activation Docs

Preview: Nord Vim Docs Installation & Activation Docs Page

Configuration Docs

Preview: Nord Vim Docs Configuration Docs Page

Customization Docs

Preview: Nord Vim Docs Configuration Docs Page

Theme configuration for bold font style rendering#143#161 (⊶ 18a4e35) requested by @tobydeh
↠ Added a new nord_bold theme configuration to allow to explicitly toggle bold font rendering styles.
It is enabled by default when running for both in GUI and terminal mode since most terminals and shells are capable to handle bold fonts.


Active match for increment search#139#140 (⊶ de24841) by @aborzunov
↠ The currently active match during increment searches (IncSearch) is now highlighted differently (nord10 as background and nord6 as foreground) than inactive matches for a better visual distinction.

The full changelog is available here

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