A git subcommand for the Planbox project management tool.
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A git subcommand for the Planbox project management tool.


Pear package

  1. Run: pear install apinstein.pearfarm.org/climax-0.0.4 && pear install ardell.pearfarm.org/GitPlanbox-<version>
  2. Make sure the pear executable path is in your system path--pear should have done this correctly. Run: which git-planbox to check.

Source installation

  1. Clone this repository
  2. cd into git-planbox
  3. Clone the CLI repo git://github.com/apinstein/climax.git
  4. Add the git-planbox directory to your system path

Post-installation set-up

  1. Set up some info that Planbox will need:

    • git config --global --add planbox.email <your planbox account email>
    • git config --global --add planbox.password <your planbox password>
    • git config --global --add planbox.author <yourname> [optional]
    • git config --global --add planbox.resourceid <your planbox resource id> [optional] To find your resourceid, log into planbox, select your project, then select "My Work", then look for the integer right after "resource_id" in the url. Similar to instructions for planbox.productid.
    • git config --add planbox.productid <planbox product id> Instructions for finding your product id here: https://www.planbox.com/api/help/http under the "Finding the Product Id" section.
  2. Run git planbox <subcommand>


git-planbox help

Generate a help message.

git-planbox list [<timeframe>,<timeframe>,...]

List stories from a given timeframe (iteration). Defaults to current. List multiple timeframes by separating them with commas, e.g. git planbox list current,next,backlog. Timeframe options are: before_last, last, current, next, after_next or backlog.

git-planbox show [<storyid>]

Show name, status, description, tasks, and comments for the specified story. If no storyid is specified then git-planbox will attempt to parse a storyid from the current git branch name.

git-planbox status [<storyId>]

Get the status of a story and the name of each branch that referenced commits have been merged to.

git-planbox start [<storyid>]

Start the specified story, or start another task from the current story that is being worked on.

If you are beginning work on a different story, git-planbox will create a new branch according to the naming template defined in git config.

If there is more than one task within the story, git-planbox will ask which task you would like to work on, then start the timer for that task.

If timers are running for other tasks that you own, git-planbox will ask whether you want to pause them before starting the timer for the new task. Use this to help you accurately measure time spent working on each task.

git-planbox pause [<storyId>]

Pause timers for in-progress tasks.

git-planbox finish [<storyId>]

Mark task(s) as completed and stop timers for in-progress tasks on the current story.

git-planbox releasable [<timeframe>,<timeframe>]

List all the stories that are ready for release (completed, delivered, accepted statuses).

git-planbox stuck [<timeframe>,<timeframe>]

List all the stories that are stuck (rejected or blocked statuses).


MIT. Pull requests gladly accepted.