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Subfolio provides an elegant, practical and customizable web interface to your file system.
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Default Theme Development

Front-end Workflow

FE workflow is using Grunt. Default theme is located here : config/themes/default/

First time working on the project run :

grunt init

When doings devs run :

grunt dev

Main CSS file is main.css, this one is versioned unminified.

Deploying to staging

grunt staging

This task will create a /dist folder inside the theme/default folder. This /dist folder will contain everything that should be send to production : images, fonts, JS, CSS, PHP. At last, the task will sftp the content of this dist folder to staging using SFTP-DEPLOY task :

If you only want to create the dist folder (without sftp the content) :

grunt before_deploy

About Subfolio

Subfolio provides an elegant, practical and customizable web interface to your file system. Super fast to set-up and use, you’ll be up and running in minutes. Flexible and feature-rich, you’ll soon be inventing new ways to use it.

Subfolio is made for creative types to share their work online with speed and elegance — publicly or privately. It’s good for freelancers, studios, agencies, enterprise or even the classroom.

Subfolio is a lightweight PHP5 file browser app that installs on your own server. No database or content management needed. And for you geeks out there, it’s extensible too.


To install Subfolio, we recommend that you read the installation documentation at:


We strongly recommend that you read the "version release notes" and documentation on upgrades before you begin any upgrade, especially if you have customized your engine or a theme.

Support and Documentation

If you have a problem, question, suggestion or to see full documentation, please visit our support site at:


To download Subfolio Enhancers, please visit:

(c) 2009-2017 Subfolio by AREA 17. All rights reserved.

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