Agent for twemproxy to work with a redis sentinel (master-slave) stack
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Smitty is an agent written in Go language for twemproxy configured to work with redis sentinel. Smitty's purpose is to extend the HA capabilities of twemproxy even after a redis node has failed.

In order to accomplish this, smitty is continuously monitoring the +switch-master event, then it will update twemproxy configuration files and restart the resource.

A possible scenario:



You can get the latest release that includes a smitty binary, download and run it.


smitty needs to be configured through a YAML file specified by the -c command-line argument on process start. An example of configuration file, also included in conf/agent.yml could be this:

twemproxy_pool_name: "root"
twemproxy_config_file: "conf/nutcracker.yml"
sentinel_ip: ""
sentinel_port: "26379"
restart_command: "/etc/init.d/twemproxy restart"
log_file: "agent.log"

The name

At 3scale, we're an absolute Futurama fanatics, and of course there isn't a better name for an agent that Smitty:



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Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0: