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Gradle R plugin

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This Gradle plugin provides tasks to build and deploy R scripts and packages.

gradle-R-plugin has been also uploaded into gradle plugin portal

How to use it?

Initialize gradle for R project

gradle init


In your R project, add the following plugin declaration to your build.gradle file:

plugins {
  id "com.github.arekbee.gradle-R-plugin" version "0.12"

If you are using older version of Gradle then you need to use build script snippet

buildscript {
  repositories {
    maven {
      url ""
  dependencies {
    classpath "com.github.arekbee:gradle-R-plugin:0.12"

apply plugin: "com.github.arekbee.gradle-R-plugin"

Alternatively to gradle plugin portal, the plugin JAR is also available in directly available on Maven Central.

buildscript {
  repositories {

Alternatively, you can download it from GitHub and deploy it to your local repository. If you have local maven repository then you can

buildscript {
  repositories {
     maven {
           url = 'c:\\my_local_repos\\maven-repo'

  dependencies {
    classpath 'com.github.arekbee:gradle-R-plugin:0.12'

Settings for R project

If your project is in special directory then you need to set src property for r closure:

r {
    src = './src/my_project'

If your project should be run on different R versions than R version specified by system:

r {
    interpreter = 'C:\\R\\R-3.5.2\\bin\\x64\\R.exe'

Settings for R package

R package is also a R project, so properties form r closure are also available for rpacakge closure.

If your R package should be generated in special location then you need to set rpackage closure:

rpackage {
    dest = './outputs'

By default, when you build R package integrated with gradle (build.gradle file and .gradle fodler) then you will have gradle file in tar.gz. You should add manually .gradle regex selector into .Rbuildignore file or (better) run this command:

gradle rPackageUseBuildIgnoreGradle 

Running defined tasks

After setting the R plugin, you can now run commands like ./gradlew version in the root folder of your R project.

Supported tasks

Task Description
rhome Show the version of R
rgetwd Show the working directory
rPackageInit Initialize R package
rPackageBuild Builds a package file from package sources
rPackageBuildVignettes Builds package vignettes using the same algorithm that R CMD build does. This means including non-Sweave vignettes, using makefiles (if present), and copying over extra files
rPackageBuildWin Bundling source package, and then uploading to
rPackageCheck Updates the package documentation, then builds and checks the package locally.
rPackageCleanVignettes This uses a fairly rudimentary algorithm where any files in inst/doc with a name that exists in vignettes are removed
rPackageDocument Build all documentation for a package
rPackageLint The default linters correspond to the style guide at
rPackageRelease Updates the package documentation, then builds and checks the package locally.
rPackageSpellCheck Runs a spell check on text fields in the package description file, manual pages, and optionally vignettes. Wraps the spelling package.
rPackageSubmitCran This uses the new CRAN web-form submission process. After submission, you will receive an email asking you to confirm submission - this is used to check that the package is submitted by the maintainer.
rPackageTest Reloads package code then runs all testthat tests
rPackageTestCoverage Runs test coverage on your package
rSessionInfo Print version information about R, the OS and attached or loaded packages.

Tasks order

Some tasks are dependent on other tasks. For example task rPackageBuild is dependent on task :rPackageDest.

You can add tasks dependencies to predefined tasks in build.gradle :



Custom tasks

It is possible to write your own custom tasks. We need to import RCode:

import com.github.arekbee.RCode

Simple custom task:

task task_rhome(type:RCode) {
    expression = "R.home()"

Running task for different R versions

task task_r352(type:RCode) {
    expression = "R.home()"
    interpreter = 'C:\\R\\R-3.5.2\\bin\\x64\\R.exe'
task task_r324(type:RCode) {
    expression = "R.home()"
    interpreter = 'C:\\R\\R-3.2.4revised\\bin\\x64\\R.exe'
task task_r300(type:RCode) {
    expression = "R.home()"
    interpreter = 'C:\\R\\R-3.0.0\\bin\\x64\\R.exe'

Running task from file

By file prop

task task_file_r(type:RCode) {
    file = file('test.R')

By source function

task task_file_rsource(type:RCode) {
    src = '.'
    expression = 'source(\'test.R\');'

By running RScript

task task_file_rscript(type:RCode) {
    interpreter = 'C:\\R\\R-3.5.2\\bin\\x64\\Rscript.exe'
    preArgs = file('test.R')


Task documentation is available by running:

    ./gradlew help --task [task]


If you wish to build this plugin from source, please see the contributor instructions.


Gradle R plugin to build and deploy R projects



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