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@arendst arendst released this 15 May 15:16
· 18960 commits to master since this release

Update 20180731

Replaced sonoff-minimal with a version not forcing to default settings leading to unability to upload final image.

Update 20180723

Removed Travis builds containing byte alignment errors and uploaded new binaries.


Version 5.14.0 20180515

  • Update language files
  • Update TasmotaSerial to 2.0.0 allowing Hardware Serial Fallback when correct connections are configured
  • Change command handling
  • Change user_config(_override).h defines TIME_STD and TIME_DST
  • Change user_config(_override).h otaurl to (#2588, #2602)
  • Fix configuration restore regression from 5.13.1
  • Fix compile error when ADC is enabled and Rules are disabled (#2608)
  • Fix rule power trigger when no backlog command is used (#2613)
  • Fix several timer data input and output errors (#2597, #2620)
  • Fix KNX config error (#2628)
  • Fix sensor MHZ-19 vanishing data over time (#2659)
  • Fix KNX reconnection issue (#2679)
  • Fix DST and STD time for Southern Hemisphere (#2684, #2714)
  • Add Portuguese in Brazil language file
  • Add SetOption26 to enforce use of indexes even when only one relay is present (#1055)
  • Add support for sensor SI1145 UV Index / IR / Visible light (#2496)
  • Add rule state test for On/Off in addition to 0/1 (#2613)
  • Add hardware serial option to MHZ-19 sensor (#2659)
  • Add Eastron SDM120 energy meter (#2694)
  • Add user entry DST/STD using commands TimeStd and TimeDst (See wiki for parameter syntax) (#2721)

Provided pre-compiled binary downloads

The following binary downloads have been compiled with ESP8266/Arduino core version 2.3.0

  • sonoff.bin = the default firmware in English
  • sonoff-minimal.bin = is interim firmware to be used when the above firmware images become too big to fit as OTA or web upload; installing this one first and THEN uploading the desired sonoff.bin allows for firmware size growth over the OTA file limit of 1/2 flash size.
  • sonoff-classic.bin = is a version of sonoff.bin with almost the same features as previous releases (without IR receive) to enable OTA upload in one go.
  • sonoff-knx.bin = is a version of sonoff.bin with KNX enabled and Emulation disabled to safe some code and memory space.
  • sonoff-allsensors.bin = is a version of sonoff.bin with all sensors enabled including support for more ds18x20 sensors.
  • sonoff-BG.bin = the default firmware in Bulgarian
  • sonoff-BR.bin = the default firmware in Portuguese in Brazil
  • sonoff-CN.bin = the default firmware in Simplified Chinese
  • sonoff-CZ.bin = the default firmware in Czech
  • sonoff-DE.bin = the default firmware in German
  • sonoff-ES.bin = the default firmware in Spanish
  • sonoff-FR.bin = the default firmware in French
  • sonoff-GR.bin = the default firmware in Greek
  • sonoff-HU.bin = the default firmware in Hungarian
  • sonoff-IT.bin = the default firmware in Italian
  • sonoff-NL.bin = the default firmware in Dutch
  • sonoff-PL.bin = the default firmware in Polish
  • sonoff-PT.bin = the default firmware in Portuguese
  • sonoff-RU.bin = the default firmware in Russian
  • sonoff-TW.bin = the default firmware in Traditional Chinese in Taiwan