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E621 Faces Dataset

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Tool for getting the dataset of cropped faces from e621. It was created by training a YOLOv3 network on annotated facial features from about 1500 faces.

The total dataset includes ~186k faces. Rather than provide the cropped images, this repo contains CSV files with the bounding boxes of the detected features from my trained network, and a script to download the images from e621 and crop them based on these CSVs.

The CSVs also contain a subset of tags, which could potentially be used as labels to train a conditional GAN.

File Script for downloading base e621 files and cropping them based on the coordinates in the CSVs.
faces_s.csv CSV containing URLs, bounding boxes, and a subset of the tags for 90k cropped faces with rating=safe from e621.
features_s.csv CSV containing the bounding boxes for 389k facial features with rating=safe from e621.
faces_q.csv CSV containing URLs, bounding boxes, and a subset of the tags for 96k cropped faces with rating=questionable from e621.
features_q.csv CSV containing the bounding boxes for 400k facial features with rating=questionable from e621.

The header for the faces_(s|q).csv files is:


And the header for the features_(s|q).csv files is:


Set up environment

If you use Anaconda, you can do this to set up the env. The only requirements are wget and opencv2, so this probably isn't super necessary though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

conda env create -f e621_faces.yml
conda activate e621_faces

Test on a subset of files

Before getting the full dataset, it's usually a good idea to test out the settings on a subset.


python download --min-score=250 --csv=faces_s.csv --species=canine

It should create a folder called out and download 14 images.

Then do:

python crop --min-score=250 --csv=faces_s.csv --species=canine --square

It should create a folder called crop with 17 cropped 512x512 images.

Full dataset

The dataset from faces_s.csv requires ~106GB to download the uncropped images. You can pull the full rating:s dataset as so:

python download --min-score=0 --min-confidence=0.0 --csv=faces_s.csv
python crop --min-score=0 --min-confidence=0.0 --csv=faces_s.csv

If you're planning to train a GAN using the images, you should probably only get images with confidence >= 0.99.

If you want to filter based on other attributes, you can modify the code to filter the faces DataFrame before it gets passed to download_images and crop_images.


The cropped images should all be formatted correctly so that you can run the StyleGAN on the directory without problems.

Training your own face detection network

You can use the crop coordinates to train a network to detect faces using darknet. To do this, you would need to create a .txt file for each uncropped image, with the following info for each face on a new line:

<object-class> <x_center> <y_center> <width> <height>

and then run the training command as per the instructions in the above link.


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