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An online, interactive coding tutorial
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Try Code

Try Code is an online interactive coding tutorial for those with absolutely no programming experience. It includes a web-based Racket REPL, and the tutorial itself is condensed from Chapter 2 of Realm of Racket.

Try Code was forked from John Berry's try-racket, and is written in Racket and JavaScript with Chris Done's jquery-console.

Please note that the REPL and its server are still to some extent a work in progress, and community contribution is vigorously encouraged.

Online host

Try Code is hosted online at

How to run it locally

$ racket trycode/main.rkt

Open http://localhost:8080 in your browser

NOTE: Currently Try Code does not work properly on Windows/Mac platforms. It should run, but hosting is not recommended as surprising behaviors continue to be discovered.

Contribute uses a Fork and Pull model of collaborative development. Follow this link to learn how to submit a pull request.

  1. Point your browser at and click "Fork".
  2. From shell/prompt:
> git clone
# Clones your fork of the repository into the current directory

> cd
# Changes the active directory to the newly cloned "" directory

> git remote add upstream
# Assigns the original repository to a remote called "upstream"

> git fetch upstream
# Pulls in changes not present in your local repository, without modifying your files

File a Bug

Bugs can be filed using Github Issues within this repository

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