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This Mootools plugins is intended to show notifications to web users.
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This plugin provides the web developer with a way to show notification to the users.


How to use

Using Notimoo is very easy. It comes with predefined settings that will allow anybody to use it just with a couple of lines:

// First of all I create a Notimoo instance with default configuration
var notimooManager = new Notimoo();

// Showing a simple notification{
    title: 'Testing notification',
    message: 'This is a sample notitication showing how easy is to use Notimoo.'

// Showing a notification that does not disappear using a custom class.{
    title: 'Testing notification',
    message: 'This notification will not disapper on its own. You must click on it to close.',
    sticky: true,
    customClass: 'info'

There is a lot of settings you can customize when creating the manager and some of them can be overriden every time you call the show() method.

// Create the manager so notifications are shown in the upper-left corner:
var notimooManager = new Notimoo({
    locationVtype: 'top',
    locationHType: 'left'

// Show a notification with a custom width and displaying time:{
    title: 'Custom notification',
    message: 'Testing custom width and visible time for this notification',
    width: 200,
    visibleTime: 2500

Please, check the documentation web page for more details.

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