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The new chronotext toolkit, for Cinder 0.8.5 & C++11

Post mortem: this project is no longer maintained, superceded by the chronotext-cross project.

The purpose of this toolkit is twofold:

  1. Creating dimensional text experiments for OSX, Windows, iOS and Android (see chronotext.org.)

  2. Creating 2D games and interactive applications for iOS and Android, with focus on OSX as a developement and simulation platform.

The toolkit relies on Cinder 0.8.5 for OSX and iOS and safetydank's fork for Android.

More info in the Wiki...

The code is released under the Simplified BSD License.

Incorporated open-source projects

utf8-cpp - Copyright 2006 Nemanja Trifunovic
stb_image - By Sean Barrett and co.