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arincli -- ARIN Command Line Interface


ARINcli is a set of command line scripts, written in Ruby, that utilize both the Whois-RWS service and the Reg-RWS service. Whois-RWS is ARIN's Whois/NICNAME RESTful web service for exposing IP network and ASN registration data to the public (Note this service pre-dates the IETF WEIRDS/RDAP service and is not yet compatible with that specification). Reg-RWS is ARIN's registration RESTful web service available to customers of ARIN.

At the time of this writing, the ARINcli scripts should be considered beta quality. A lot of functionality is still missing from the scripts, and ARIN has not conducted any degree of quality assurance against them.


  • arininfo queries ARIN's Whois-RWS service.

  • poc creates, modifies, and deletes Point of Contacts (POCs).

  • rdns modifies reverse DNS delegations.

  • ticket downloads, displays and manages Reg-RWS tickets.

  • arinreports requests reports from ARIN using Reg-RWS.

  • arinutil is a utility for managing ARINcli scripts.


The ARINcli commands all use an application data directory to store configuration files, caches, etc. The arinutil(1) command can be used to manipulate the caches and configuration. This application data directory is $HOME/.ARINcli for Unix and Unix-like systems, and %APPDATA%\ARINcli for Windows. This directory is created automatically the first time an ARINcli command is run.

Configuration is kept in the config.yaml file in the application data directory. This is a YAML file and so YAML syntax is required. YAML is designed to be human friendly yet machine parsable. For users of Reg-RWS, the API Key given will likely need be changed to the users real API key. An API Key can be obtained via ARIN Online. An API Key is not needed for Whois-RWS.


At present, there are two ways to install this code: 1) via a Git clone from GitHub, or 2) from a zip file release on GitHub.

The ARINcli commands are Ruby programs, and Ruby 1.8.7 and above are needed.

To verify compatibility and that everything is working, run the tests with the run_all_tests command.

To build the man pages and these documents, you must use ronn. You can install it as a Ruby gem with gem install ronn. Once it is installed, build the man pages with the following command: ronn man/*.ronn.


Questions and comments regarding this software may be directed to ARIN's Technical Discussion mailing list ( Archives and subscription information are available at


Ruby commands for ARIN's Reg-RWS and Whois-RWS



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