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An open source, hardware accelerated 2D flash game library
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Axel is a library that makes flash game development as easy as possible. Axel takes advantage of Flash Player 11's Stage3D in order to offload all the rendering to the GPU in order to gain huge performance boosts over the typical flash display list. As of Adobe Air 3.2, Stage3D is also supported when building your games for mobile devices. This means exporting your flash games to iOS and Android has never been easier!

Axel is completely free, so download it and start making games today! Axel is released under the MIT license, so you don't have to worry about being restricted about what you can do with your games!

Note that Axel is currently in testing phases. While it contains all the basics to creating a game, there is some ideal logic that is not yet implemented. Resizing, context loss, and better zooming support (to name a few) are things that will be implemented soon. In addition, there are many more features planned to help improve it. If you encounter any problems, please submit an issue on Github or post on the forums. You can also use the forums for anything else such as feature requests and suggestions.

Demos, Tutorials, and Documentation

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