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\usepackage{textcomp} % needed for 'upquote' option below
\lstset{ %
language=Ruby, % the language of the code
upquote=true, % use straight quotes not curly quotes
basicstyle=\scriptsize\ttfamily\upshape, % the size and style of the fonts that are used for the code
numbers=left, % where to put the line-numbers
numberstyle=\footnotesize, % the size of the fonts that are used for the line-numbers
stepnumber=1, % the step between two line-numbers. If it's 1, each line
% will be numbered
numbersep=8pt, % how far the line-numbers are from the code
backgroundcolor=\color{ListingColor}, % choose the background color. You must add \usepackage{color}
showspaces=false, % show spaces adding particular underscores
showstringspaces=false, % underline spaces within strings
showtabs=false, % show tabs within strings adding particular underscores
frame=trbL, % adds a frame around the code
tabsize=2, % sets default tabsize to 2 spaces
captionpos=b, % sets the caption-position to bottom
breaklines=true, % sets automatic line breaking
breakatwhitespace=false, % sets if automatic breaks should only happen at whitespace
%title=\lstname, % show the filename of files included with \lstinputlisting;
% also try caption instead of title
escapeinside={\%*}{*)}, % if you want to add a comment within your code
morekeywords={*,...} % if you want to add more keywords to the set