Google cloudprint proxy
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Share your CUPS printers with google's cloud print. Works with linux and OS X.

This software is a python implementation of a cloud print connector. Unlike Google's linux connector, it does not require chrome to be installed on the server.


  • python 2.6 or 2.7
  • pycups (can be tricky on OS X) wich depends on libcups2-dev


cloudprint [<option> ...]
-d               : enable daemon mode (requires the daemon module)
-l               : logout of the current google account
-p pid_file      : path to write the pid to (default
-a account_file  : path to google account ident data (optional)
-c               : establish and store login credentials, then exit
-f               : 'fast poll', if notifications aren't working
-i regexp        : include files matching regexp
-x regexp        : exclude filees matching regexp
                   regexp: a Python regexp, which is matched against the
                          start of the printer name
-s sitename      : one-word site-name that will prefix printers
-v               : verbose output
--syslog-address : syslog address to use in daemon mode
-h               : display this help

If necessary, cloudprint will respond with a URL to be visited for OAuth2 authentication.


Go to to claim this printer
trying for the win
trying for the win

Examples - Include/Exclude

Include only the printers "lp" and "2up":

cloudprint -i lp -i 2up

Exclude all printers whose names start with "GCP-":

cloudprint -x GCP-

By default, all printers are included. For the include and exclude options, the argument is a regular expression which is matched against the start of the printer name.

For example, to include all printers whose names begin "lp":

cloudprint -i lp # includes both lp and lp2up


pip install cloudprint
or with optional daemon support
pip install cloudprint[daemon]

After running cloudprint, verify that the connector successfully installed the cloud printer by visiting