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NodeJS Web framework
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Node WebServer

NodeJS web framework for learning purpose, somehow inspired by Express


The least possible, for now : none

Getting started

From src folder :

node main.js

Then in your browser : http://localhost:1234/

What's what

  • public/ contains all statics files exposed throw the static middleware
  • src/ contains everything else
    • nws "framework" source (for now)
    • routes contains modules that could be executed if a route match the requested url
    • shared routes, config...
    • views Templates

Route definition

module.exports = {

When the http://localhost:1234/some/route url is called through a GET request, then the module routes/index is required and the index method of that module is executed with the request and response parameters

If no route matches, the app sends back a 404 response


  • WIP - Keep things simple
  • Running server
  • Middleware architecture implementation
  • Static file middleware
  • Templating - server implementation of Template
    • Template Abastraction
    • Server implementation
    • WIP - Client implementation
  • Debugger - Similar to the one from php-fw Based upon browser's console
  • Dynamic url parameters (/some/route/{$with}/{$parameters})
  • HTTP Cache middleware
  • WIP - Frontend components support - JS Implementation of Dependencies
  • Form component (shared between frontend and backend)
  • Performance audit
  • Databases handler
  • Authentication middleware
  • Stabilize working tree
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