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Collaborating and Publishing on the Web with GitHub – Workshop


Material originally developed by @lexnederbragt for a workshop on "Writing and publishing on the web together using Github".

I have taught this workshop a couple of times now and it has become clear what works well and what could be improved. It is still – and will be for some time – a work in progress.

For now, all that is here is an outline of the workshop. Both Lex and I have the ambition to develop this lesson into a fullblown one, with screenshots etc.

You are welcome to contribute! This call goes out especially to the participants of my workshops – contributing to repositories on GitHub helps you stay 'on track' and getting comfortable working on GitHub. It's fun, too! :)



Date Place Institution Language


Date Place Institution Language
2020-01-17 Oslo University of Oslo English
2019-09-11 Oslo University of Oslo English
2019-04-10 Oslo University of Oslo English
2019-03-25 Mainz DHd2019 International Conference German
2019-01-18 Oslo The National Library of Norway Norwegian
2018-12-12 Oslo The National Library of Norway Norwegian
2018-11-01 Trondheim NTNU Gunnerus Library English
2017-12-08 Oslo University of Oslo English

Development Plan

  • Overhaul lesson, especially cutting out "excercises" in the middle part (collaboration) to make more room for Fork, Issues, and trouble shooting, especially for the missing revert-function on GitHub
  • Find a better / different example than the Guacamole recipe. To-Do-List for a project?
  • Translate lesson into Norwegian and German
  • Create a reference for technical terms (fork from Software Carpentry Git lesson?)
  • Create a further reading list with links to GitHub handbook, git documentation, markdown cheat sheet etc.
  • Create a little add-on with info on how to setup local versioning either with git via command line, with GitHub Desktop and with integrated git in editors like Visual Studio and Atom etc.
  • Create another little add-on with info about smartphone and tablet apps for integrating GitHub (like CodeHub)
  • Show that GitHub repositories can be assigned a DOI via – especially relevent for finished projects
  • Add info on Licences, especially CC-Licences


Material for a workshop on "Writing and publishing on the web together using Github"





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