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List browsers in which a feature *won't* work
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cantuse is like, except that it lists the browsers in which a feature won't work, instead of listing in which it will. I find this a more useful way to look at the data.

Right now this is just a basic commandline utility. A web version will be added soon™.

Install it with go get, which will put the binary in ~/go/bin.

It uses the same data as (; you'll need to fetch the data.json yourself:

curl > data.json

Use just cantuse to display all data, or cantuse arrow to search by feature name. Use -ignore to ignore some browsers and always consider them "supported"; this accepts a comma-separated list of the browser + version as it appears in the output; for example:

$ cantuse -ignore 'IE 11'
$ cantuse -ignore 'IE 11,Opera Mini all'

Browsers with a usage lower than 0.05% are not displayed individually to reduce noise (chances are you don't care about 0.009% of people reported as using IE5.5, or 0.004% usage of Firefox 2). It's still counted in the total supported number though.

Partial support is counted as "supported"; see for more detailed support notes.

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