Use a 3-axis machine as a pen plotter
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Convert SVG (text is not supported; convert text to paths) and HPGL to gcode for a 3-axis GCode machine, where the Z-axis controls the pen height.

You can also convert the same SVG subset to HPGL.

Run with no arguments for some help.

Note on multiple pen usage:

The pen definition file is one-pen per line, in the format:

n (x,y) svgcolor comment

Here, n is the pen number (pen 1 is assumed to be loaded at the start), (x,y) is the offset from the default pen position (note: will correct the offset and will NOT check for clipping at drawing edges--it is your responsibility to make sure your tool doesn't crash into anything due to offset), svgcolor is a color specification in svg format, e.g., rgb(255,255,00), #FFFF00 or yellow, and the comment is a human-readable comment.