This Repository Is Obsolete! Implementation of cloudbees container for Arquillian
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We don't maintain this code base anymore. If you are interested in picking it up from where we left please reach out to us through Arquillian forum.

Arquillian Container for Cloudbees

Configuration example :

    <container qualifier="cloudbees" default="true">
            <property name="account">sewatech</property>
            <property name="application">arqtest</property>
            <property name="containerType">jboss</property>

API URL, key and secret are in ~/.cloudbees/

CDI is working when deployed in a jar file. Not in a war or ear.

JAX-RS as-client is working on my example.

EJB is working only when specifying beanName in @EJB :

    Greeter greeter;

It does not work with a simple @EJB

    Greeter greeter;

The EJB enricher does not work because the JNDI names in Cloudbees are not compliant with Arquillian's lookup.

  • EAR deployment is not supported yet.
  • Servlet URL injection is not supported yet.


Multiple @Deployment per test class does not work because only one archive is really deployed in an application.