A branch of the old iSoul project, a soulseek client for Mac OS X.
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What is iSoul

iSoul, a fork of SolarSeek, is an open-source Mac application for connecting to the SoulSeek peer to peer network. Even though the term 'beta' is sometime used, iSoul is still in its 'alpha' stage and I am bale get hands on it only during my spare time.

What is SoulSeek

Soulseek as a protocol support group chats, individual user chats, browsing of other users files, downloading, uploading, and anything else you might find in other peer to peer networks. Soulseek is great for discovering and downloading hard to find music.

How to Get iSoul

You can download the most recent version of iSoul from the Downloads page.

Building iSoul from Source

iSoul is free, open source software hosted at https://github.com/arranger1044/iSoul. If you wish to build iSoul yourself you can do so by cloning the iSoul code to your computer using the Github app for Mac. Once cloned, open the project file in Xcode and issue command+b to build the app or command+r to build and run it.

Getting help

If you run into any trouble using iSoul, you can either check the support group or create an issue in the issue tracker.