Allows you to add/remove meta headers dynamically to your DokuWiki pages.
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  I. About

    "MetaHeaders" is a DokuWiki plugin to add/remove meta headers [1]
    dynamically to your Wiki pages.

    Website:     <>
    Maintainer:  ARSAVA <>
    Contact:     See "IV. Support" and "V. Contact".

    [1] <>

  II. Installation and update

    The installation works as described [1] on Summary:

    - If possible, use DokuWiki's plugin manager to install the plugin. Have a
      look at the plugin website [2] to get the package download URL, paste it
      into your Plugin Manager URL box and hit "Download".

    - If you have to install the plugin manually: Download the package from the
      plugin website [2]. Extract it into your DokuWiki's "lib/plugins/" folder.
      Make sure the new directory is named "metaheaders" (rename it if needed).

    Updating the plugin works the same way: Simply install the newest version
    over the existing one. If you got any problems, remove the plugin and
    re-install it. The configuration file holding your data and the plugin
    itself are stored separately. This means you can remove, update or
    re-install this plugin without loosing your MetaHeaders config data.

    [1] <>
    [2] <>

  III. Usage

    Have a look at the plugin website [1] for usage instructions and examples.

    [1] <>

  IV. Support

    If you need help, check the FAQ [1] and try to find useful information by
    using the DokuWiki Search page [2]. If you found nothing helpful, ask your
    question at the DokuWiki forum [3] (preferred) or IRC channel [4].

    [1] <>
    [2] <>
    [3] <>
    [4] <>

  V. Contact

    If you think you have found a bug or have a useful idea (a.k.a. "feature
    request"), create an issue [1] on GitHub (preferred), or contact us by
    mail [2].

    Feel free to submit patches as GitHub pull requests (preferred) or by mail
    as well. However, please try to respect the DokuWiki coding style [3] as
    this plugin follows its rules.

    [1] <>
    [2] ARSAVA <>
    [3] <>

  VI. Other notes

    If you like this free project, you might buy us a coffee [1], or get some
    cool QR Code merchandise [2]. Thank you! :-)

    Do not hesitate to contact ARSAVA [3] if you need professional DokuWiki
    support, training or if you think we are the ones to get your project done.

    [1] <>
    [2] <>
    [3] <>