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The purpose of this library is to help proving bit-level algorithms written in Coq/SSReflect by providing a trivial conversion from operations over bitsets to finite sets and efficient proved extraction to Caml.

A paper describing this library has been accepted at FLOPS2016. The version used for the conference is tagged flops.

A documentation of the library can be found here.


Installing with OPAM (strongly recommended)

Everything can be installed everything by using OPAM.

You first need to add some coq-related repositories:

opam repo add coq-released
opam repo add coq-extra-dev
opam repo add coq-core-dev

Then, you can directly install coq-bitset, coq-bits and the other dependencies will be installed automatically:

opam install coq-bitset

Installing by hand

You may be able to install the library by hand, although it has not been tested.

The dependencies are:

  • Coq 8.5~beta2 (other versions are untested)
  • SSReflect & Mathcomp 1.5.1~beta2 (other versions are untested)
  • coq-bits

Then, just doing the usual:

make install

should work.


In order to import the library, simply use:

From Bitset
  Require Import repr_op.

All the operations are detailed in src/extractions/axioms*.v in the coq-bits repository.

Then, the relation between finite sets and bitsets is defined as:

machine_repr: Int -> {set 'I_wordsize} -> Prop.

Depending on your program, you may have to prove validity by proving a machine_repr relation, or an equality.

All of them can by proved by using the lemmas in src/repr_op.v from this repository, using the OP_repr lemmas, where OP is an "high-level" operation defined in the file using bitset operations (for example: get for getting a bit, inter for computing the intersection, etc.).

You can also look at the examples/ directory for usage examples.