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Hexo Theme Element

Element is another minimal theme for Hexo.


This theme depends on the following Hexo plugins:

  • hexo-generator-tag
  • hexo-generator-feed
  • hexo-renderer-ejs
  • hexo-renderer-less
  • hexo-renderer-marked
  • hexo-pagination
  • hexo-all-minifier
  • hexo-autoprefixer
  • hexo-front-matter

For local search, you also need hexo-generator-json-content and add configuration to your global _config.yml if needed, refer to hexo-generator-json-content github repository.


Element is customizable via the _config.yml in the theme directory.

Element also depends on the global _config.yml. For example:

  • Set disqus_shortname field to your disqus short name.
  • Set theme field to hexo-theme-element.
  • Set title, url, author and description.

In addition to these settings, you may also want to edit/replace the following files:

  • Replace the author avatar: source/img/avatar.png.
  • The font used on Artifact.me is Futura PT. I include it via Adobe Typekit. You need to use your own web font service, or go with the default Lato via Google Font. Details in layout/_partial/head.ejs.

This theme currently supports 4 search services:

  • Google custom search
  • Hexo Local search (hexo-json-content)
  • Algolia search
  • Microsoft Azure search

Setup guide for searching is availble here: universal-search.




Public resources used in this theme:

Copyright © Art Chen

Please do not remove the "Theme by Art Chen" text and links.