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A portable decoder for METEOR M weather satellite LRPT signal
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A portable decoder for METEOR M weather satellite LRPT signal

Requires Free Pascal to compile ( , or in your Linux distro repositories), no dependencies.


Use ./, or fpc -CX -XX -O3 -Mdelphi -FUunits -Fualib medet.dpr

On Windows, edit path to FPC in build.bat, then use build.bat (or the same direct invocation line as above)


Binaries for Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi and MacOS X are available at Orbides


medet input_file output_name [OPTIONS]

Expects 8 bit signed soft samples, 1 bit hard samples or decoded dump input
Image would be written to output_name.bmp

-soft Use 8 bit soft samples (default)
-h -hard Use hard samples
-d -dump Use decoded dump

-int Deinterleave (for 80k signal, i.e. Meteor M2-2, default - 72k)
-diff Diff coding (for Meteor M2-2)

-ch Make hard samples (as decoded)
-cd Make decoded dump
-cn Make image (default)
-r x APID for red (default: ',red_apid,')
-g x APID for green (default: ',green_apid,')
-b x APID for blue (default: ',blue_apid,')
-s Split image by channels
-S Both split image by channels, and output composite
-t Write stat file with time information

-q Don't print verbose info
-Q Don't print anything
-p Print loads of debug info
-na Don't compress the debug output to a single line

As of August 2019, N2 and N2-2 got APIDs 64 (0.5-0.7), 65 (0.7-1.1) and 66 (10.5-11.5)
As of March 2017, N2 got APIDs 64 (0.5-0.7), 65 (0.7-1.1) and 68 (10.5-11.5)
Defaults produce 125 image compatible with many tools
Nice false color image is produced with -r 65 -g 65 -b 64
Decoded dump is 9 times smaller than the raw signal, and can be re-decoded 20x as fast, so it's a good format to store images and play with channels

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