Another reusable app for organize tree menus on django site
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Another reusable app for organize tree menus on django site This app need grapelli admin theme

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Install from pip

pip install django-treemenu

Install from git

pip install git+git+git://

Then run python manage syncdb or if your use south run python manage migrate


Add treemenu in

        # ...
        feincms, # need for tree editor
        # ...

Create menu and in your template


Simple menu without childrens

{% load treemenu_tags %}
{% menu you_menu_slug %}
<div class="b-menu-vert b-menu-vert_type_header">
    <ul class="b-menu-vert__layout">
        {% for item in menuitems %}
        <li class="b-menu-vert__layout-unit {% if forloop.first %}b-menu-vert__layout-unit_position_first{% endif %} {% if forloop.last %}b-menu-vert__layout-unit_position_last{% endif %}">
            <div class="b-menu-vert__item">
                <a class="b-link b-menu-vert__root {% if item.current %}b-big{% endif %}" href="{{ item.url }}">{{ item.title }}</a>
        {% endfor %}

Dropdown menu

{% load treemenu_tags mptt_tags %}
{% menu topmenu %}
<div class="b-menu-horiz b-menu-horiz_layout_normal b-menu-horiz_position_topmenu">
    <ul class="b-menu-horiz__layout">
        <li class="b-menu-horiz__layout-unit b-menu-horiz__layout-unit_position_first"><div class="b-menu-horiz__item b-menu-horiz__item_layout_home {% if request.path == '/'%}b-menu-horiz__item_state_current{% endif %}"><a href="/" class="b-link"><img alt="" src="{{ STATIC_URL }}prazdnik/img/blank.gif" class="b-icon b-icon_type_home"></a></div></li>
        {% recursetree menuitems %}
            <li class="{% if node.level == 0%}b-menu-horiz__layout-unit{% else %}b-menu-vert__layout-unit{% endif %}">
                <div class="
                    {% if node.level == 0%}b-menu-horiz__item{% else %}b-menu-vert__item{% endif %}
                    {% if node.level == 0 and node.current %}b-menu-horiz__item_state_current {% endif %}
                    {% if node.current %}b-menu-vert__item_state_current {% endif %}">
                    <a href="{{ node.url }}" class="b-link">{{ node.title }}</a>
                    {% if not node.is_leaf_node %}
                    <div class="b-menu-horiz__submenu">
                        <div class="b-menu-vert">
                            <ul class="b-menu-vert__layout">
                                {{ children }}
                    {% endif %}
        {% endrecursetree %}