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Development Status

#This software should be considered un-maintained and end-of-life. The proper successor fork is Shea Craig's super-capable version, which relies on his python-jss, bundled in his release. Please transition to using his. I'll be removing this repo soon, so feel free to fork or download the code if it serves some important historical purpose for you.


As originally announced here, the file in this repo is an add-on to the autopkg project.

Installation and Setup

Make sure you've already installed the most current autopkg tools (AND RECIPES) FIRST! (Sorry to yell.) Then use the releases tab, to the right above, to download a package that will install the latest release version for you. To customize the local(ly mounted, if it's a file share) path to your distribution point, jss URL, api user name and password, set the following preferences for the user running autopkg:

defaults write com.github.autopkg JSS_REPO /Volumes/JSS_Dist_Point/Packages
defaults write com.github.autopkg JSS_URL https://test.jss.private:8443
defaults write com.github.autopkg API_USERNAME apiUser
defaults write com.github.autopkg API_PASSWORD apiPassword

Then please help yourself to the jss-specific recipes that rely on the ones provided by the autopkg org.

Known Issues

Currently it is not possible to add a self-service policy without setting either a smart or static group, and static groups are not available via overrides, you must directly modify the jss recipe. Policies cannot currently be given a category. Recipes with unset versions may cause errors. If run as a recipe-list, an intermittent issue may occur when reaching the policy addition/update step which may cause the entire process to be interrupted with a "Conflict" error.


Please share "ideas, patches, documentation, bug reports, or complaints..." (source) by either using issues in this repo, or by contacting me in ##osx-server IRC(Allister) or on twitter, @sacrilicious or my email(shouldn't be too hard to find, try the MacEnterprise list).

Please be so kind as to not report issues in the main autopkg/autopkg repo at this time! Thanks for trying it, and again, any contributions are welcome.