Tools for logging time in Emacs.
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Log your time from timeclocks timelogs into basecamp.


	 $ git clone ~/.emacs.d

	 (add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/timelog-mode")
	 (require 'timelog)

This mode uses the bundled basecamp.el, which is based on org-camp.el:

basecamp.el needs to be customized. "M-x customize-group" and
basecamp, fill in at least auth token and subdomain.

When visting your timelog, the current time entry should be
highlighted. Move up and down between time-entries using M-n and
M-p. Log an entry by pressing C-c l.

basecamp.el uses a dumb cache. Each request will be cached until emacs
is restarted, or M-x basecamp-clear-cache is run. This cache is never
invalidated, and can therefore be wildly incorrect at times,
especially if you leave Emacs running a while.