Eaziest rutorrent & rtorrent installer + Web server, FTP, Webmin (Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora/More)
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Easiest rutorrent & rtorrent installer + Web server, FTP, Webmin (Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora/More)

Benefits of using eazy_rutorrent

  • Eazy and always updated ruTorrent plugins, URL & SVN packages.
  • Turns an hour or two into a 5-10 minute task to install rutorrent.
  • No Linux knowlegde required.
  • To install rutorrent, only four - six simple lines of code is needed.

What eazy_rutorrent installs?

  • Installs preferred web server Apache, Nginx or Lightpd
  • Installs rutorrent with multi-user support HTTP & HTTPS
  • Installs 1st party ruTorrent plugins
  • Installs an encrypted FTP server VSFTP : port = 900
  • Installs rtorrent with xmlrpc-c support
  • Installs the IRC auto downloader plugin autodl-irssi
  • Installs Webmin Custom user, password, port & SSL
  • Installs a startup script for rtorrent and Irssi


Ubuntu & Ubuntu Clones

    sudo apt-get install irssi && git
    git clone https://github.com/arvind-naidu/eazy_rutorrent.git
    cd eazy_rutorrent
    sudo sh rutorrent_setup

Other OS

1. Login as root    

2. Update OS
    yum update

3. Install irssi & git
    yum install irssi && git

4. Clone eazy_rutorrent repo
    git clone https://github.com/arvind-naidu/eazy_rutorrent.git

5. Change directory to eazy_rutorrent
    cd eazy_rutorrent

6. Install rutorrent
    sudo sh rutorrent_setup

What to do after installation?

  1. Log on to your seedbox by opening up your browser and typing in http://ip-address/rutorrent.

  2. Login with your rutorrent username and password.

  3. There you have it, a complete rutorrent seedbox.