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View Source, View Selection, and Edit Text with the external editor
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Extension for Gecko based browsers and Blink based browsers.

From the context menu (right click), you can "View source" "View selection" or "Edit text" with your favorite editor. Enabled in (X)HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MathML, SVG, XML, etc.




Important Notice

To use withExEditor, you also need to prepare a host which executes your editor. The browser interacts with the host via messages, and the editor is executed by the host. Please download the host for withExEditor from asamuzaK/withExEditorHost (GitHub).

Context Menus

View Page Source with exEditor

  • Creates a copy of the page, save as a temporary file, and opens it with an external editor.
  • The temporary file is encoded in UTF-8, even if the original document is not so.
  • If you are browsing a local file, then the local file will be opened directly.

View MathML Source with exEditor

  • Enabled on MathML elements, and shows a generated DOM tree.

View SVG Source with exEditor

  • Enabled on SVG elements, and shows a generated DOM tree.

View Selection with exEditor

  • Shows a generated DOM tree of selection in XML format.
  • If there are multiple ranges in selection, each range will be shown with a comment as a delimiter.
  • If the selection is not DOM parsable (like JavaScript, CSS), a file that contains only the range of text selected will be created.

Edit Text with exEditor

  • Enabled on input elements, textarea element and editable elements.
  • Edited contents will be synchronized when you go back to the browser.


Toolbar Button Icon

  • Choose the icon.

Editor Label

  • Enter the label of the editor.
  • If the input field is disabled, run the setup script on the host.

Notify Host Error

  • If enabled, notifies when an error occurs on the host.

Enable Only When Editing Text

  • Enables only when the content is editable.

Automatically Synchronize Edited Content On Specific Sites

  • Enable when you want to automatically synchronize edited content.
  • Note that this option will not be enabled when private browsing. Also note that if you leave your browser running for a long time or register many URLs, it may affect the performance of the PC.

Reload withExEditor

  • Try when withExEditor stops working, for example when updating Node.js or updating withExEditorHost.
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